Korean Snacks (2019)

I designed a book about Korean snacks from my childhood as a way to reconnect with my culture and my identity as a Korean-American. I created all of the illustrations digitally, and I focused on creating a fun piece of work that pushes me to experiment more with both Korean and English text and layout. You can read more about my process here!

Voyeurism (2017)

I created a book based on Laura Mulvey's essay "Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema" because I was interested in the themes of voyeurism and the female/male gaze.  The red string leads the reader through the pages, guiding their eyes through simple yet striking cutout pictures.

Lighthouse Storybook (2017)

I created a children's book that centered around the themes of friendship, parental expectations, and worry. I painted the illustrations in gouache and also accompanied the book with a decorated potted plant as a way to integrate sculpture with the experience of reading a book. Also included are unicorns, confetti, and bright primary colors.

The Archive (2017, 2018)

This was a personal project I continued that originally stemmed from a class assignment. I created a set of sculptures and books to preserve and archive my memories. The first set of sculptures displays a small sample of experiences that I journaled for a month. The viewer is encouraged to shake the boxes and interact with them. The second set of books is a collection of pamphlets, flyers, and ads that I collected and crafted together into a collage of memories. Each of them were carefully curated and hand-sewn.